Service updates

This page has been created to provide a general update on our ongoing service changes and is regularly updated. We strongly advise you use our journey planner or our more detailed service update page when planning your travel. 

Like bus operators across the UK, we are currently feeling the impact of increased covid cases, self-isolation, and a shortage of labour throughout our workforce. This is resulting in  journey cancelations across our bus network. 

To ensure we are delivering frequent and reliable journeys we have been left with no alternative than to temporarily amend our current bus times. The service changes will take effect from Monday 04 April and are scheduled to be in place till 26 June at the latest.

Normally when network changes take place it is to meet a demand in customer usage, whilst this is still a key factor, the main reasons we are making these changes is to ensure we are utilising our driving team and ensure the full network has a level of service. 

The service changes are as follows:

51 - Revised departure time from Edinburgh  

60 - Additional journeys on Sundays to replace service 69  

61 - Retiming of journeys  

67 & 68 - Removal of the majority of shorter journeys AM and PM  

69 - A request for suspension will be submitted for this service, where there are gaps in provision additional journeys have been added on service 60. 

90A/B - Retiming of journeys 

91 - Retiming of journeys  

93 - Retiming of journeys  

253 - Withdrawal of the first and last return trips from Berwick to Edinburgh, the penultimate return trip will operate 30 minutes later 

X62 - Revision to operate hourly from Peebles to Edinburgh, with maximisation of the use of double deckers on this section of route. Adjustments to the service between Galashiels and Peebles. 

X95 - Revision of departures between Galashiels and Hawick in AM and PM peak periods where we have trialled a 20 min provision, revising to 30 min. No other adjustments to the other sections of this route.