Festive Bus Times

Operating times over the festive period.

To keep you full updated on our services over the Christmas period we have created a customer information leaflet. The leaflet contains all the information you require for our operating times and days over Christmas and New Year. The leaflet is available on bus or can be downloaded now.

From the team at Borders Buses we wish you all a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Travel On A Fiver

To encourage more people to ditch the car and jump on the bus we have launched an awareness campaign highlighting the health, money saving and environmental benefits of using the bus.

As part of our campaign a £5 promotional day ticket will be introduced from Monday 06 November to Sunday 26 November 2017.

The Borderless Day will offer unlimited travel across the full Borders Buses network, which includes Lothian, the Scottish Borders, North Northumberland and Cumbria.

A social media campaign will also highlight the many health, money saving and environmental benefits to using the bus, so please check out our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Your Borderless Day ticket can be purchased on bus or from Borders Buses ticket and info hub, Galashiels Transport Interchange.

To see all the places you can visit check out our timetable page or download our network map.

Berwick network changes

On Monday 27 November 2017, we will introduce changes to our Berwick town bus network.

The changes include the introduction of an enhanced Berwick Hoppa service, which we will operate on behalf of Northumberland County Council.

Amendments to the network plus some frequently asked questions are detailed below.

Who pays for the bus service?

Excluding routes we operate on behalf of Northumberland County Council (service 267, Berwick Hoppa and four journeys on service B3) all Borders Buses (Berwick) bus services operate commercially.  

Why change the bus network?

Primarily to address a decline in bus usage and to maintain reliability. Over the past 18 months we have worked to improve our Berwick town bus service and encourage more local people to use the bus rather than taxis or the car. This involved introducing a better operating frequency, dedicated vehicles, value for money loyalty tickets and printed information timetables.

Despite those efforts, routes such as the B3 and evening journeys on the B1 continue to underperform with little to no people using the service or certain journeys. In our on-going commitment to maintaining a frequent and reliable bus service in the town we have had to reshape the network and replace services. Some journeys have been removed where there has proven to be little to no demand. It is important to recognise we must ensure our routes cover operating costs (driver wages, fuel, insurance, vehicle maintenance and information provision).

With some services, you will have non-profitable journeys and this tends to be supported by busier journeys. However, when those latter journeys aren’t as busy and people are choosing alternative modes of transport – taxis or cars -  the bus route is no longer commercially viable, and we are unable to operate the service in its current format. 

Will the Berwick Hoppa cover the B3 route?

Yes, we have been working in partnership with Northumberland County Council to ensure parts of the B3 are still served. From 27 November, the Berwick Hoppa will operate half hourly, Monday to Saturday. It currently operates Wednesday to Saturday. Service 67 and 267 also serve parts of the route. 

Can Berwick town multi-journey tickets be used on the Berwick Hoppa?

Yes, customers will be able to use and buy the Berwick Town multi journey tickets on board the Berwick Hoppa. They can also use the town service ticket on service 267 and 67 (for use on Berwick section only). The tickets offer unlimited bus travel throughout the Berwick town network. A Day ticket is £2.80 and a Weekly is £12.  

Have you removed the evening service for the town?

No. We have reduced the frequency from six journeys to four and will no longer serve areas where there are little to no customers. Areas not served from 27 November include Newfields, Spittal or Highcliffe. A full-service breakdown of all network changes can be found below. 


Berwick Hoppa (NEW)

Borders Buses will operate this service on behalf of Northumberland County Council. The enhanced route from Berwick Holiday Park to the Railway Station will now operate half hourly, Monday to Saturday. The route includes the Spittal and Tweedmouth area.   Download your Berwick Hoppa timetable - From 27 November 2017.

B1 (Berwick town)

The service will reduce its evening journeys from six to four, with the last journey leaving Morrisons at 2100 (2115 on a Saturday). Based on a lack of customer demand and usage the evening journeys will not serve Newfields, Spittal or Highcliffe. The last journey to serve those areas will be the 1727 from Ramparts Business Park. 

Download your service B1 timetable - From 27 November 2017.

B2 (Berwick town)

No change.

Download your service B2 Berwick Local timetable - From 27 November 2017.

B3 (Berwick town)

This service will be withdrawn and parts of the area will be served by the Berwick Hoppa, service 67 and 267. 

Service 235 (Berwick to St Abbs)

For reliability, minor amendments have been made. The service will depart Burnmouth three minutes earlier (Southbound).

Please note changes to the below departures:

  • 0715 from Berwick now 0710
  • 0800 from St Abbs now 0750

Download your service 235 timetable - From 27 November 2017.

253 (Berwick to Edinburgh via Haddington and Dunbar)

For reliability, minor amendments have been made between Haddington and Edinburgh. Some journeys will terminate at Morrisons on return from Edinburgh. This will provide a seamless connection with the B1 evening journeys.

Download your service 253 timetable - From 27 November 2017.

If you would like more information, please feel free to call the team on 01289 308719 or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


In October we launched a new bus service in Midlothian.

Supported by Midlothian Council, service 339 Eskbank to Gorebridge via Midlothian Community Hospital, Bonnyriggg and Newtongrange is operated hourly, Monday to Saturday. Download your 339 timetable.


Could all customers please note we are unable to accept round £1 coins.

Only the new 12-sided one pound coin shall be valid on our buses.

We thank you for your patience and would encourage you to take old coins to the bank or Post Office where it should be converted to a valid currency.

Download your 339 timetable here.

Roadworks: Leith St, Edinburgh

Due to major roadworks on Leith Street, we are currently experiencing delays at peak-time travel.

The roadworks will be in place till the summer of next year, we are currently monitoring the area with the aim of implementing a solution to address this matter.

It is important to understand some factors are out with our control and may have an impact on our services despite the continuous efforts of our operational teams.

We thank you in advance for your patience.

How do I contact Borders Buses?

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Contact Number - 01896 754 350 (Galashiels) or 01289 308719 (Berwick)
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