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What’s happening with my bus service?

From 17 July 2017, Perryman’s Buses and Borders Buses merged as one brand, Borders Buses.

Why the name change?

By bringing both brands together we can be more efficient and make better use of resources. It also means we can expand the bus network and improve your customer offering.

Are tickets transferable?

Where there are common sections of routes, tickets are transferable.

This includes service X95 and 73 (between Galashiels and Selkirk only), service X95 and H1/H2 (Hawick town boundaries only), service 60 and 67 (between any identical location on route, for eg. Berwick to Galashiels), service 51/52 and X95 (Edinburgh to Galashiels), service X62 and 60/67/68 (between Galashiels and Melrose only), service 70 and 60/67/68 (Langlee), service 71 and 60/67/68 (between Galashiels and Melrose only). Service 61 and 60 (between Galashiels and Earlston only) and service 67 and 60/67/68 (between Galashiels and Earlston/St. Boswells only and Galashiels and Leaderfoot).

Have fare prices changed?

To provide best value and for consistency all fares are the same price on common lines of route.

Have ticket typed changed?

We made some changes such as introducing 10 Journey tickets. We are currently working on Borders Buses ticket offering with the aim of introducing a simplified ticket range for customers.

4 Weekly, Annual and promotional tickets on offer once our new mobile app is launched at the end of September.

Are zonal tickets available across the full network?

Zonal tickets are available across the network, with the following exceptions:

Borders Buses zonal tickets cannot be purchased or used on service 235, 253 or B1/B2/B3.

Borders Buses zonal tickets cannot be purchased on service 51, 52, 60, 67 and 68. However valid zonal tickets can be used on common lines of route.

Please note service H1/H2 and 73 are now included in the Hawick and Galashiels zones.

Are the Rover tickets available across the network?

Edinburgh and Borders Rover tickets can be used on services on common lines of route, however can only be purchased on service 51,52, 60, 67 and 68.

Will the timetables change?

To ensure we are delivering a bus service which meets your travel requirement we are currently carrying out a full review of the network.

Will Perryman's on street timetable and leaflets be rebranded for 17 Huly 2017?

No. All on street timetables and leaflets will be re-branded when services are being updated or a re-print is required.

What will happen with the vehicles?

The Perryman’s Buses livery is being removed and Borders Buses vinyls applied. A paint programme is in place to ensure all our vehicles are painted and branded Borders Buses over the coming months.

How do I contact Borders Buses?

Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Contact Number - 01896 754 350 (Galashiels) or 01289 308719 (Berwick)
Facebook - BordersBuses
Twitter - @BordersBuses

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