Bike friendly buses

Two bikes on bike racks inside a double decker bus.

We have introduced three bike friendly double decker buses on our service X62 Edinburgh - Melrose. Each bus has racking for two bikes and due to your positive feedback, this will be extended to four bike spaces by the end of May 2019.

You can plan your bike friendly journey on the Borders Buses app. On our live tracker, simply click the bus and if it is bike friendly it will say 'BIKE' after the vehicle registration.

Please note the following key instructions in order to store your bikes correctly and safely.

  • Disabled access takes priority.
  • Bikes are carried at the owner's own risk.
  • The first bike (inside bike) must be racked facing the front of the bus.
  • The second bike must be racked facing the rear of the bus. Rear gears should be set to highest gear to avoid contact with metal wheel stand.
  • Bikes MUST be secured using adjustable straps for the duration of the journey. Each bike must be secured individually.
  • Equipment must not be left loose on bikes. Place in the storage area provided.
  • Take care and be mindful of other passengers when getting on and off the bus.

To demonstrate how to load bikes, we enlisted local cyclists Colin Cotter, Peebles, and Steven Cooper, Dalkeith, to create this short video.