The Great Polish Map of Scotland was build over 6 summers from 1974-1979 and was the brain child of Jan Tomasik - a Sergeant in the Polish 1st armoured division who later became a successful Hotelier and wanted to create a  large relief map of Scotland in the grounds of his hotel at Barony Castle, Eddleston Scotland. The map was built by a small group of Poles from Jagiellonion University of Krakow Poland and designed and managed by Cartographer Kazimierz Trafas. Over the years the map fell into disrepair by weather and became overgrown and hidden from sight. In 2010 Volunteers from Mapa Scotland launched displays to attract support and funding from the Public to restore the map. This work was completed in 2017 and the the Map was officially reopened April 12th 2018.

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