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Student Bus Travel
2 weeks ago Mon 6th Sep 2021
Travelling to college? Entitled to free travel with Borders College? Find out how to access your tickets here.
Customer focus groups
3 weeks ago Thu 2nd Sep 2021
Find out how to register for our upcoming customer focus groups.
Our safety measures
1 month ago Wed 4th Aug 2021
Find out more about the measures we take to keep you travelling safely.
Customer Survey
1 month ago Tue 27th Jul 2021
Please take 5 minutes to tell us about your current and future travel needs.
NHS staff/carer discount will end 31 July 2021
2 months ago Tue 6th Jul 2021
The 50% discount for NHS staff/carers and free travel from Borders General Hospital will come to an end 31 July 2021.
Join our team
3 months ago Fri 18th Jun 2021
Looking for the next step or maybe a change in direction? Join our team.
Lets see it through
7 months ago Thu 4th Feb 2021
Until we are out the other side we ask for your continued support.
Covid-19 travel advice
9 months ago Mon 21st Dec 2020
Wear a face covering and adhere to physical distancing on board in Scotland and England .
50% Discount for all NHS Borders and care home workers
1 year ago Thu 10th Sep 2020
50% Discount for all NHS Borders workers extended to care home staff plus free travel for all from BGH..
NHS free travel scheme
1 year ago Fri 3rd Jul 2020
Our free NHS travel scheme will come to an end on Sunday 12 July 2020.