Paperless ticketing goes live!

1 year ago Mon 13th Feb 2023

From Monday 20 February 2023, all under 22s and over 60s concessionary transactions will be paperless and you will no longer receive a receipt upon travel.

For those traveling with a concession card, you will continue to state your destination to your driver. The only difference will be you'll not receive a paper slip when you scan your card. The paperless option doesn't include English bus routes served by Borders Buses.

We have introduced this new way of travel alongside many other Scottish bus operators. The main reasons for this change are: quickening on-bus boarding times, providing a greener way to travel and making buses cleaner by minimising litter on board. 

If you are a concessionary cardholder and require a receipt for a particular journey please get in touch by email.

Some popular FAQs
What’s changing?  

From 20 February 2023, concessionary ticket users (U22, +60 and disabled) will no longer receive a paper receipt for their bus journeys.  

Why is this change happening?  

To improve speed up customer boarding times, reduce the use of paper and reduce the amount of waste produced on buses. 

What will I do differently when using my concession bus pass on board?  

Nothing, you will still scan and state your destination. The only difference will be you'll not receive a paper slip.

Why do I need to state my location if there is no ticket/receipt?

All concession customers must state a destination so we can accurately record transactions.

Do these changes apply to all types of concessions cards?  

This change applies to all concessions card holders in Scotland, including Under 22s, those Over 60, and Disability concession card holders.  

What happens if I am traveling with Borders Buses on English bus routes?

From Monday 06 March paperless ticketing for concessions will be extended to our English bus routes.  This means that all concessions on our entire network will be paperless.