Road Works, Bonnyrigg (Service 339, 02 July 2018)

From Monday 02 July 2018 for six weeks Dundas Street and Cockpen Road will be closed for repairs.

The 339 service will be severely affected by this road closure and will be unable to serve Bonnyrigg, Dundas Street and Cockpen Road

The 339 diversion route will be as follows:
Newtongrange, King’s Gate – A7 – Tesco – Midlothian Community Hospital then Midlothian Community Hospital - Tesco – A7 – Newtongrange, King’s Gate

We’re trialling WiFi on X62

We have listened to your feedback and are NOW trialling WiFi on board one of our vehicles (registration: BF12 KWW), with the aim of introducing this facility to our key routes. It’s a 30 day trial.

If you are traveling on the bus we would very much like to hear your thoughts and views regarding this service. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lowood Bridge re-opening

We would like to inform our customers that Lowood Bridge is now open.

All services operated by Borders Buses have now reverted back to its original route.  

Customers are advised to check the relevant timetables effected by this route re-instatement.

Network Changes

On Monday 02 July 2018 we will be making amendments to our bus network.

The changes are based on service demand and maintaining reliability. The following provides a breakdown of each service, plus some frequently asked questions relating to bus services in general.


Service 62 (Galashiels to Clovenfords)
Two evening journeys between Galashiels and Clovenfords, Monday to Saturday, will no longer operate. View new timetable.

Service X95 (Carlisle to Edinburgh via Hawick and Edinburgh)
We are introducing an additional early evening journey from Edinburgh to Galashiels, 1650 Monday to Friday and 1655 on a Saturday.

We are also adding two early morning journeys, 0610 from Galashiels to Edinburgh on a Saturday and 0815 from Galashiels to Hawick on a Sunday.

The last journey (Monday to Saturday) from Edinburgh to Galashiels has moved from 2300 to 2225.

The last journeys from Galashiels to Hawick Monday to Thursday (0025) and Friday and Saturday (0025 0055) have been withdrawn.

The X95 departing Galashiels for Hawick (Monday to Saturday) will no longer serve the BGH at 1955.

For alternative travel Monday to Thursday from BGH to Hawick and Selkirk, customers are advised to travel on service X62 2022 to Galashiels Transport Interchange. Connections can then be made to Hawick and Selkirk on service X95 2055.

For Friday and Saturdays, customers are advised to travel on service 67 1959 to Galashiels Transport Interchange. Connections can then be made to Hawick and Selkirk on service X95 2025.

On a Sunday a through service from Edinburgh to Carlisle has been introduced.

Timings have been amended for better rail connections.

We have amended the departures timings of our early morning and evening journeys. View new timetable.

Service 235 (Berwick to St Abbs via Eyemouth and Coldingham)
An extra journey - 1600 Monday to Saturday - from Berwick has been added. This returns from Coldingham at 1630.

Minor amends to timings have been made due to the reduction in running time between Eyemouth and Coldingham. View new timetable.

Service 253 (Berwick to Edinburgh via Dunbar and Haddington)
Due to poor usage Coldingham, Dunglass and Crownhill (Southbound) will no longer be served.

Customers in Coldingham have the option to travel on service 235 for local and connecting journeys. Ayton has now been added to the route.

The Berwick to Innerwick section of the route has moved from hourly to two hourly. An hourly service remains Dunbar to Edinburgh. View new timetable.

Service 267/464 (Berwick to Wooler)
To improve punctuality we have made some amends to the timings of this service.

Both services have been extended to serve Morrisons, North Road. View new 267 timetable. View new 464 timetable.

Service B1 (Berwick town service)
Despite on-going communication regarding the low usage of the B1 in the evening, the service continues to be underused and we have been left with no alternative than to remove the evening journeys. No change to day service. View new timetable.


We are committed to delivering sustainable bus services in your area. Unfortunately we cannot operate bus routes which have little demand and carry few to no customers. We hope the following frequently asked question provides a an insight in to operating bus routes.


Since buses were deregulated over 30 years ago, commercial bus services run with no subsidy. This means we plan networks and routes to match market demands - where enough people will use our buses, we shall run them.

If a route does not cover operating costs - which includes buying the bus, its garaging, maintenance, insurance and staffing – we must give 70 days’ notice to the Scottish Traffic Commissioner (an independent Government regulator) and to the local transport authority of any plan to change or remove it.

Local authorities can decide whether to pay for the service if they believe there is a social need for it. 90 days’ notice period applies if an operator wants to start a new service or change the timetable in any way.


We do. Local authorities can operate routes which are not commercially viable, but where there is a social requirement. Councils put such services out to public tender, which bus operators like us are able to bid for. The local authority then choose the winning tender taking into account price and quality.


If we subsidised loss-making services with the profit from more popular routes we ultimately limit our invest opportunities. Instead of investing in new vehicles, our people and/or information provision we would be supporting a bus service which, in some cases, is used be little to no customers.


If a commercial bus route is poorly used and unable to cover its operating costs the local authorities can tender this service if they believe it is socially necessary.

Roadworks: Leith St, Edinburgh

Due to major roadworks on Leith Street, we are currently experiencing delays at peak-time travel.

The roadworks will be in place till the summer of next year, we are currently monitoring the area with the aim of implementing a solution to address this matter.

It is important to understand some factors are out with our control and may have an impact on our services despite the continuous efforts of our operational teams.

We thank you in advance for your patience.

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